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Sansin WoodForce Intermix

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*A digital stain swatch is a rough estimation of the color. Color may vary depending on texture, grain, color, porosity and type of wood.

High-performance, ultra low-VOC finish for a naturally-weathered look

WoodForce is an ultra low-VOC, durable wood treatment that allows exterior wood to weather naturally while offering exceptional water repellency and protection from blackening, discoloration and wood rot. Easily mixed to create standard and custom barnboard colors or vintage effects, while letting the exposed surface weather naturally and more evenly.

Sansin WoodForce repels water while allowing wood to breathe. Over a short period of time, the wood will weather uniformly, yet retain water-repellency and protect against weathering and wood rot.

The WoodForce system comprises:

  • WoodForce Clear, protects wood aggressively

  • WoodForce Accel, speeds up weathering effects

  • WoodForce Intermix, includes 7 base colors that can be intermixed as desired: Light Gray, Dark Gray, Brown, Dark Brown, Red, Dark Red, White

Intermix Color Guide

Intermix Color Guide

Coverage Rate

250-400 sq ft /US Gal